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Hey everyone! The name is Kristi and I'm a complete nerd. This is a multi-fandom blog, so expect a variety of posts from me! :) If you want more info about my nerdy self, please check out my "About" page! :)

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The last component has arrived


I can finally summon my husband.


"I made a wish to see you again, was I wrong to make that wish?"


MekaQ Odyssey Actors! ft. the childhood friends

oh man i love doing this i love crossovers and best of all its an RPG AU i dont know if i’ll ever post the other teams but here read this long ass explanation of classes B)

Kido as a Ronin since she prefers katanas apparently and also she is the team leader of course!! her decisions are as sharp as her blade *cool pose*

Hanao is a Beast and absolutely adorable and a puppy. The team takes extra care not to let him get overexcited and take all the damage 

Seto is a Survivalist cause nature! also he’s a good worker which fits with the fact that he gathers everything. his hair clip is on his scarf since his hat would cover it

Mary is a Hexer, but since she’s not fully human she uses her snake’s powers to inflict curses. replaced her key with a bell to keep the hexer aesthetic 

Kano is a Dark Hunter because well……well…I thought…the DH design fit him but ok tbh i think he would appreciate the whips because of how many jokes he can make

the order i’ve put them in is their team formation!! kido and hanao in the front and seto, mary, and kano are in the back :OO


You are lying if you say that you have played through all of Ōkami without doing at least one of these two things at some point:

High-speed turning for no given reason:


Or air dashing through the middle of portals because why not:





Seattle woman brings groper to justice with one tweet 

Julia Marquand was shopping in downtown Seattle on Oct. 12 when a man began following her closely, then reached out and grabbed her butt.  

Instead of ignoring it, however, Marquand took the issue into her own hands. Thinking quickly, she snapped pictures of her attacker on her phone and reported the incident to the police, she told KING 5 News. 

The cops weren’t interested so she turned to social media | Follow micdotcom

Hello asshole. Welcome to eternal branding on the internet.

living in seattle it’s nice hearing about this! read the article!!!


country club parking lots are too wild


new zealand’s finest